ACU's Fight Against Religious Discrimination

For the past 11 years, Arizona Christian University and Washington Elementary School District have had a mutually beneficial partnership where students in the university’s elementary educational program would student-teach and shadow teachers in the school district. That partnership, however, ended abruptly in February 2023 when the school district terminated its relationship with ACU because of the university’s religious beliefs on biblical marriage and sexuality, even though no complaints had been made about an Arizona Christian student or alumnus. The school district’s decision to revoke its relationship and cease all future agreements with the school because of its religious status and beliefs violates the university’s constitutionally protected freedoms.

ACU v. Washington Elementary School District



As has been reported in national media over the last few weeks, Arizona Christian University's unwavering commitment to basic Christian principles has brought the University under attack. Recently, a local school board voted to ban ACU student teachers from working in the district due to ACU's biblical perspective on God's design for human sexuality. The board made this decision despite no evidence of any wrongdoing by any ACU student-teachers, and despite glowing reviews and nearly uniform support for ACU's students among the district's own teachers and administrators.

For all people of faith who uphold traditional understandings of marriage and sexuality, this clear cut case of religious discrimination could not go unanswered. As a result, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) 
filed a federal lawsuit to vindicate ACU and its students' constitutional right to religious liberty.

So many friends have reached out and asked what they can do to help. The most important thing to do is to pray. We would ask you to pray for the following:

1) For the health and safety of the members of the Washington Elementary School District board. WESD board members say they have received threats and insults as a result of their decision. ACU strongly condemns and rejects any personal attacks, threats or insults directed at the school board. Please join us in praying for their health and safety.

2) For peace and encouragement for the student teachers at ACU who were scheduled to teach there in the fall, and for peace and strength for all Christians, including ACU alumni, who currently work in the district. The principle behind the school board's decision --that if you believe in biblical standards on marriage and sexuality you are disqualified from working in the district - would have severe consequences for all people of faith in the workplace.

3) For the federal courts to ultimately uphold the basic American constitutional right to be free from religious discrimination.

Thank you for praying! If you have signed up for our prayer team, we will send you updates when there are new developments.


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